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Bratame Cosplay

Brat Beggs

Such a Character

Brat has always loved dressing up, ever since she was a kid, any chance she got to dress up she took. She started going to conventions about 8 years ago and has been growing her cosplay characters ever since. Brat started out with the Weatherford Palooza group and has expanded the last couple years to other cosplays communities such as United Force Cosplay. Along with attending many charitable and comic con events in the DFW and Parker County area. Wherever she goes or event she attends she brings smiles and positive vibes to everyone she encounters.

For the Love of Cosplay

"I've always loved cosplay. Putting on that wig and becoming a character that I love myself brings joy to my soul, and to top it all off, I get to make others excited as well? Amazing." 

Children's reactions to a character makes her love it that much more every single time and Brat feels lucky to spend these adventures with some pretty magical people.


Jasmine - Aladdin

Snow White - Steam Punk Princess

Sully - Monsters Inc (Gender Bent)

"Lover of all things nerdy!"

Brat is a "Lover of all things nerdy. From table top gaming to anime. She's always believed in the phrase "work hard, play hard," and describes her self as a nerdy, redneck, hippie. She loves the outdoors just as much as she likes going to conventions, and has a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for Mother Earth.

Throughout the last few years Brat has been branching out with different crafting ideas and has opened her own crafting store on Facebook called Bratame Creations to see the potential her craft has. Her store includes comic book style decoupaged wall decor, decorated light switch panels, magnets, pins and other various creative crafts.  

"My father taught me at a young age, no matter what you do always give it your best for hard work is what gets you far."

To book one of her awesome characters for a Tea Party or Play Date please contact us.

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