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Caitlin Alexandra Smith

Cosplayer & Princess

Becoming Royalty

Caitlin caught the cosplay bug in 2014 when she auditioned for her first princess party company and never looked back. Unfortunately, after 3 wonderful years of working with the company they had to close their doors. Despite everything Caitlin's passion for princess cosplaying continued. After seeing the Disney movie Frozen, Caitlin quickly fell in love with Elsa's ice dress and decided to start sewing to maker her own costume. You can see her beautiful work in the pictures below. Soon she found a new company that she could cosplay for and auditioned to became a performer. Today, she is part of the princess entertainment team called Royally Fun Parties. To see what they do please visit 

Christmas Anna picture by The Burrow Wedding & Portrait photography

Supergirl's Relatable Story

When you have a love of Princesses and Superheros, there is going be at least one character's story that you can relate to on deeper  level and feel comforted by it. For Caitlin that is Supergirl. Supergirl came from the destroyed planet of Krypton and arrived on Earth scared and alone until she finds that her purpose is to help others.  Growing up Caitlin felt very much alone and scared. With the discovery of two disorders she had to learn to cope, which forced her to grow up fast. Eventually through all that she had been through she found her purpose to bring happiness to kids who need it most. Seeing the look on children’s faces as well as their families and friends is when she gets to bring her beloved characters to life. And for her that never gets old, it’s magical. "I may be a retail worker by day, but I am also many other things. A Princess, a Queen, a Hero and Friend. I wouldn’t trade it for the world." 

The Characters 

Princess Anna 

Queen Elsa




Elsa picture by Eliamaria M. Crawford

Behind the Cosplay

At age 15, Caitlin's Mom helped make her very first cosplay, by hand crafting a sailor collar and skirt that Caitlin was able to put over a dance leotard so she could attend her very first convention as Sailor Moon. Though she never really became a convention groupie she found other ways to fill her cosplay passion by working with the princess party companies and with nonprofit organizations, such as Heroic Inner Kids and Cause to Play. Of all the Princesses, her favorite ones to portray are Anna, Ariel and Aurora. Elsa is of course fun as well.

Caitlin has a bachelor’s of Arts and Science from UNT. She has studied theater, fashion and costume design. She also shares a love for dance and has a combined 10 years of training, study and experience of several forms such as Ballroom, Irish dance, jazz/hip hop and more.

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Ariel, Rapnuzel and Mary Poppins costumes, wigs and props provided by Royally Fun Parties!