Cosplay Britek


Cosplay is Life

Christopher has one of the most extensive cosplay collections I have ever seen. From Anime to vintage video game characters such as Pikachu, Megaman, Sonic, Yoshi and Zelda, Christopher's cosplay collection is a costume lovers dream. He loves discovering & adding his own twists with each new character he finds. Luckily, one of his jobs allows him to cosplay on holidays & special events, giving him the opportunity to interact with kids and their families, which leaves a lasting positive impact for him and those he comes across. 


Christopher has started adding genderbending cosplays to his collection. The freedom to portray female characters that he admires has brought his cosplay to the next level. A few of the female characters that he enjoys cosplaying include Hela from Thor, Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon, Ancksu Namun from the Mummy, Poison Ivy and Catwoman from Batman and more.

The Characters 

Green Power Ranger

Mega Man 


Beyond the Cosplay

Outside of cosplay Christopher is a lover of scifi, anime and cats. He is also an avid Rwby fan! In his spare time he volunteers at many small business events through out the DFW area and models on the side. 

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