Crazy Kountry Princess Cosplay


For the love of Cosplay

Jodie's love of cosplay has stemmed since her childhood. As an adult she started cosplaying for events about 4 years ago with Weatherford Palooza, when she talked her husband into her first costume and the rest is history. 

She says she just got “nerdier” as she got older. When she started adding characters to her cosplay closet, they weren’t random, they all have meaning to her. She has always been a huge fan of the original Star Wars and even uses her Wickett Ewok from childhood as her prop for Princess Leia. 

She-ra was my first cosplay

He-man and She-ra, The Masters of the Universe were her favorite cartoons as a child and still loves them to this day. When she was 7, she dressed up a She-ra for Halloween, then the next three years as well. Today has her own She-ra adult cosplay costume in which she uses for her cosplay and events. Jodie volunteers for several charity and comic con events through out the DFW area and is an active part in her community.

The Characters

Princess Leia - A New Hope & Return of the Jedi

She Ra - Princess of Power 

Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

New Addition - Catwoman

Beyond the Cosplay

Jodie’s favorite holiday has always been HALLOWEEN, for two reasons; costumes & candy!

She says “I am an 8 yr old trapped in this body,” and that she has "multiple personalities” and through her cosplay they like to come out and play! She is also crafty and has been known to maker her own props and costumes for her hobby. 

Jodie and her awesome husband, Anthony eloped on 7-7-7 and have shared many years  life accomplishments and cherished memories. They have a 10 year old son AJ, who just got his first cosplay and will start appearing soon as The Flash!

Through the years Jodie has added other princesses to her closet and beloved characters, along with several fairies, and much more.

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