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DFW Superman and DFW Glinda of Oz

Allen and Deanna

DFW's Power Team

DFW Superman and DFW Glinda of Oz, are a power team that loves cosplaying and bringing smiles for charities benefiting the chronically ill and less fortunate children in our area. Along with bringing hope to kids they also attend many fun and exciting Comic Con Events with local cosplay groups such as United Force Cosplay and Fanboys. 

The Characters

Deanna and Allen are fairly new to cosplay and are hoping to make a positive difference in the community. One of Deanna's cosplay characters is a childhood favorite of hers Glinda, the Good Witch of Oz and has lovingly pieced together one the most authentic cosplay creations of Glinda. 

Allen has always been fond of the strength and inspiring character of Clark Kent a/k/a Superman. His costume portrayal is modeled after the Henry Cavill Superman. This couple also loves to team up and sometimes Deanna will take on the encouraging role of Supergirl, Kara Zor-el of Krypton.

A Glimpse Behind the Cape & Crown

In Deanna's spare time she enjoys being creative and crafty with various DIY projects and using her green thumb for gardening and Allen loves tinkering with his 3D printer to make awesome movie and video game props. Together they love working out and spending quality time with their families. To book one of them or as a team and their iconic characters for a Tea Party or Play Date please contact us.

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