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OnTarget Fandoms


Stepping into another world........

"I've always enjoyed the sights, sounds, and enchantment surrounding Renaissance Faires, with their unique personalities, and stunning costumes. A walking, talking, breathing other worldly reality. So, Naturally, when a friend asked me to cosplay with her at a local con almost 4 years ago, I was SOLD! I've have been cosplaying ever since. I love interacting with others, children especially, and have three of my own. I enjoy teaching others new things and watching each individual bring their own something extra special to every experience." - Jennifer

For the Love of Cosplay

"I love the magical aspect of cosplaying. You can be anyone! Do Anything! You are the HERO!.....or the....Villain. Every character brings a new world of imagination to the table. Cosplaying really transports you to the very brink of a character's essence. You get to see, get to be, who they are and break through the looking glass to catch a tiny glimpse of fantasy made reality."

The Characters

Bellatrix Le Strange 

Katniss Everdeen - Hunger Games

Coming this Fall 

Thorin Oakenshield - The Hobbit

Behind the Cosplay

This amazing wife and mother of three puts alot of love into her home life as well as her cosplay. Her attention to detail is outstanding and her character play is so realistic you would think you were having a conversation with any of the characters she is portraying.

To book one of her awesome cosplays for a tea party of play date contact us!! 

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