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Brand Photography

A new product from Blue Coco Photography

Attention Businesses, Bloggers and Social Media Influencers!

Do you want to grow your business on your website and social media?

BUT don't have time to constantly take photos?

What if you had your own library of ready to use, attention grabbing pictures that reflect your company's story and products. I can help with that! Let's work together to design a custom photoshoot that gives your clients a peak into your company's story and gets them excited about your products.

Social media and online purchases are quickly becoming the normal way of shopping in today's market place. Constantly posting keeps your clients interested and in the loop of what's happening while they are not in store. Posting also draws interest of new clients that didn't know you were out there or who are just outside a certain radius.

How do you get their attention and possibly get them to travel? 

By posting attention grabbing pics/ads, hashtags, tagging clients, following and sharing stories of your company. Personal Brand Photography can help.

Our packages includes a brain storming session, a 4-5 hour photoshoot, 1 or 3 months worth of custom images for your daily social media postings or to use anywhere you do business online and a memory card or thumb drive. Other options are available for discussion. 

For sample shots please check out our gallery.

A 3 month package is $285 (90-105 images)

A 2 month package is $225 (60 - 75 images)

A 1 month package is $150 (30 - 45 images) Contact us for more details.